SAT Biology Practice Test Guide

SAT biology practice test

When applying for a vacancy in some schools, you possibly will have to sit for SAT Practice test to earn scores as well as regular SAT test scores. Biology Subject Tests are very popular since many students have biology in their high school curriculum, and many students find it less difficult than mathematics physics or chemistry. SAT tests can be a perfect way of accomplishing test requirements of various subjects, especially when planning to study biology in university or any tertiary institution and want to flourish your skills. In this article, you will get to know how the SAT Biology practice test is conducted, how many questions are there and what the resources are for that.

How The Test Is Conducted:

SAT practice test

There are two types of SAT Biology practice test mainly, Biology Ecological and Biology Molecular (E&M). Biology Ecological (Bio-E) deals particularly with biological communities, energy flow and population whereas Biology-M generally involves cellular structure, biochemistry and processes, like photosynthesis and respiration. The two versions have similar guidelines and test format.
The duration set to complete the questions is 60 minutes and features 80 multiple-choice questions. Moreover, its scoring scale ranges from 200-800. Calculators are not allowed during examination period. For both test versions, 60 questions are identical and the last twenty questions are specified to one or the other (either Bio-E or Bio-M). Both practical tests are offered on all expected SAT test dates.

Taking Biology SAT Tests:

To start with, you have to check if the institution where you are applying requires Subject Tests. If you are aware that you have to sit for Subject Tests, there are some reasons you may perhaps consider biology as a better option. Think about sitting for Biology Test, if you haven’t completed your Biology Class, collect the required books for study. However, it is recommended to sit for the test right after completing a biology course to reduce your study time.
The recommended time for preparation for Biology test subjects in compliance with College Board is One year preliminary college introductory course in biology, a year of algebra as well as laboratory experience. Biology SAT tests are always suitable if you have finished studying AP Biology Course and when you are ready to sit for AP test.

Where to Find Learning Resources:

When it comes to Biology SAT test preparation, study materials should be taken into consideration. You can get online practice materials from Free Online Sample Tests and Questions for Biology-E/ Biology-M Subject Test. Majority of these revision materials do not give complete practice tests, though there are lots of questions on hand that will bring to light wide content to you. College Board Practice Questions is also another site you can use to obtain learning resources. This online study site has one problem-solving test as well as two practice tests. Besides, there are short quizzes on particular topics if you find yourself stressed with other types of quizzes.


The Biology SAT test is definitely one of the best ways to meet your college requirements applications. With the two study options, you can have a practice test to weigh your level of understanding, and go for some further studying if you are still lagging behind in knowledge level. If you passed biology in your high school with high scores, then there is no need for you to worry passing this test without devoting you time on preparation.

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